Faces of Anal

Anonymous said: whats the most comfortable way to have anal sex if your a begginer?

One: use lube. Always use lube. Thicker or “gel” style lubes work best for anal - like Babelube. Or use a heavier type of skin lotion.

Two: get comfortable with how anal insertion feels. Explore your own ass, at your own pace, before trying to accommodate a partners hard and eager cock. One of the things beginners have trouble with is feeling like they need to poop when something gets put into their ass. That’s how your brain is used to interpreting that feeling of being full. So you’ll want to get used to that feeling NOT necessarily meaning that you have to poop! Otherwise you will find it very hard to relax when a partner is entering you.

Anal expert Tristan Taormino has some further good advice for anal beginners. One thing she mentions, which I agree with, is to stimulate your clit (or the head of your cock if you’re a guy) WHILE being penetrated. It really helps to associate that new feeling of penetration with a sexual sensation that your body already enjoys.

Once you’ve done some exploring on your own, you can try anal sex. Lay down on your stomach, maybe with a pillow under your hips to prop your ass up a bit, get out the lube, and ask your partner to go slowly. Have them circle your anus with some lube on their finger first. Do not try to just shove fingers straight in without a little soft, circular massage over your hole. This massaging will help relax you, which is of the utmost importance, because if you’re scared, your anus will clench up, and penetration will be painful.

Once you’re ready, ask your partner to insert their cock in, but have them stop at just the head, and give your anus time to stop twitching before going any further. When you feel relaxed again, let your partner push in farther. If they have a long cock, you might feel a cramping pain deep inside if they are pushing in too far - so don’t be afraid to tell them to keep their thrusting shallow if it’s feeling uncomfortable way up inside.

The sensations will be a bit strange at first, but with a patient partner, you will learn to enjoy (and even crave) these new feelings!

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